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The Art of Inspirational Living



The author Mona Elshazly-Giraud is a registered nurse who has served a wide range of ill patients throughout her nursing career. Mona has dedicated her life to bring hope and healing to all those she serves including the children of the world who are in need of uplifting and inspiring stories and messages. Mona also continues to bring awareness, teachings and insight in her medical communities about self-care, awareness and healing to medical professionals, in prevention of developing Compassion Fatigue.

Mona also was a member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and has volunteered her time to countless humanitarian organizations in her community. Mona also represented her native country, as Mrs. Egypt, in Miss/Mrs. Globe Beauty Pageant and was crowned Mrs. Congeniality and was awarded Difference Maker of the Year. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications and continues to further her education in the field of nursing. Mona is also a certified life coach, reiki healer, theta healer, and certified hypnotherapist. She also creates and designs jewelry and considers herself a pastry chef. Mona loves fashion design and comes from a line of designers. Mona is also an artist in all forms, loves to dance including flamenco, contemporary and belly dance, sings and song-writes, and oil paints. She also speaks Arabic, English, Spanish and some French.


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